Purpose and Vision


What is the mission of ESBC?

 East Side Baptist Church exists to develop mature followers of Jesus.


What does ESBC seek to do?

 We develop mature followers of Jesus by creating environments that inspire connections to God, to each other, and to the World


When someone becomes a part of ESBC, what is expected?

There are three things that we want every member of East Side to do:
1. We want every member to connect with God through dynamic and authentic worship
2. We want every member to connect with God and with each other through involvement in a small group
3. We want every member to connect with God and with the world through regional ministry projects and global missional involvement


What are the core values of ESBC
Commitment to the Scripture – We believe that the Scripture is the infallible, inerrant Word of God.  It alone serves as the church’s guide for faith and practice.


Mission – We believe that urgency of eternity demands of us global missional involvement through the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus.


Ministry – We believe that needs of humanity necessitate that we intervene in the name of Jesus.  


Authentic worship – We believe that the glory of God requires of us authentic worship focused on His renown.


Shared life together – We believe that faith in Christ calls us to shared life together within the Body of Christ.