Get Involved - Sunday School

Do you have a Sunday School class for my family and me?
We have Sunday School classes for all ages at East Side.  For children and teenagers, there are several age-graded classes where they will engage in fun activities and relevant Bible study with others their age.  For adults, there are men’s classes, women’s classes, and coed classes.  These classes are generally organized by age groups. Wherever you are at in life, we have a Sunday School class for you.  
Will my kids be safe?
Safety is a top priority for us at East Side.  Our teachers are trained in how to create a safe learning environment where kids are able to grow and thrive.  Our deacons also monitor the doors and hallways during all of our meeting times on Sunday insuring that all who come in and out of our buildings are doing what it takes to provide the safest environment possible.
What do you teach in Sunday School?
Our main curriculum is the Bible.  We use an assortment of literature that helps teach the Bible, but we firmly believe that the primary text that we should study in Sunday School is the Bible. We primarily use Sunday School literature produced by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention. However, a few classes use different curriculum.  No curriculum is used that is not approved by the pastor.
What is the goal of Sunday School at East Side?
Our goal in Sunday School is to come alongside of believers to help them mature in their faith. We believe that Sunday School is a great place to provide believers with Biblical truth that ultimately helps them in their spiritual growth.
Do I have to go to a Sunday School class to be a member of East Side?
No, it is not required of members to participate in Sunday School.  However, we strongly encourage all of our members to be involved in Sunday School.  
What if I go to a class and it’s a bad fit for me?
We want everyone to find the right Sunday School class for them.  There is nothing wrong with going to different Sunday School classes until you find the right fit for you.  Once you find the right class, we believe that you will be tremendously blessed.
Will I have to read or pray out loud?
Our teachers try to be sensitive to the desires of their class members regarding participation. If this is a concern for you, please be sure to inform your teacher so that he or she does not ask you to do something that you do not want to do.