Mission Trip (mish`en trip),n. A body of persons sent by a church to carry on religious work especially evangelism in foreign lands.

What that definition does not reveal is how you will be changed after going on a mission trip. You will fall in love with another country and at the same time grow to appreciate your own more than ever before. You will come to realize in a greater way that the world reaches out past your own horizon; and the people that live beyond it are as much your responsibility to reach as your neighbor across the street. You will share your faith and see people hungry to hear it. Their eternal destination will be changed and you will have had a part in it. You will never be the same!

Whatever your talents, abilities, and gifts, they can be used on the mission field. If you would be open to allowing God to use you in Short Term Missions, contact either Jackie Fulton for Guatemala missions, or the church office for other mission opportunities.

East Side’s Mission History

East Side’s history of sending out short term mission teams began in 1999 with the first mission trip to Romania. It was followed by another trip to Romania in 2000. Both were medical mission trips. The next trip would not be until 2004, but since that time we have had at least one evangelistic trip each year.

East Side is currently active in sending short term mission teams to two countries: Guatemala and Nicaragua. In the past we have also been to Brazil, Africa, Columbia, southeast Asia and Hungary.